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Commercial Law

With many years of commercial law expertise, we advise companies on the typical legal issues they encounter when operating in the United Kingdom and anywhere else in the European Economic Area.

Our commercial law services include: 

  •  Commercial contract reviews, preparation/drafting

  •  Agreements with suppliers, customers & distributors

  •  Terms & Conditions for trading; Customer rights for goods

  •  Commercial guarantees/ warranties; Disclaimers of liability

  •  Service/Consultancy contracts, Professional indemnities

  •  Mergers & Acquisitions, Asset sales

  •  Business re-organisations, Restructurings

  •  Shareholder/Investor agreements

  •  Trademarks, brand & logo protection

  •  Commercial litigation

  •  Disputes with trading partners

  •  Contested investor exits

  •  Wage/Employee disputes

  •  Data protection, Online privacy

  •  Terminating senior executives

To speak to one of our Commercial Law solicitors or find out more about our services please contact us​.​